Friday, 31 October 2014


Since it's Halloween today, I thought I'd post something occassion appropriate. 
It's a pumpkin spice jar, but it's more about how to label your spice jars in a slightly more interesting way than simply attaching a sticker. The advantage of my label is also that you can always wipe the product name off and use the jar for something other.

What you need is a jar, any jar will do, chalkboard paint, a rubber 'label' stamp, some white acrylic paint and some matte varnish. If you want a jar with a twist, like mine, you'll also need some fun image to stick on. 
I decided to use some masking tape to ensure a straight line when painting it black, then coated the jar with two layers of black paint. After drying overnight I stamped the label on the jar. 

To add something Halloweeny and pumpkin-related to my pumpkin spice jar I decided to stick on a printed out image on the reverse. A tissue would have been a better choice as far as the blendability of the image is concerned, but if when working with black background white and non-transparent objects serve the purpose better. To improve the elasticity of paper I soaked the image in water before sticking it onto the jar with some glue.

Then I coated the entire jar, except the inner part of the label, with matte varnish, and after it dried evened out any rough edges with sandpaper and added another coat of varnish. 
When this dried, the only thing left for me to do was to write the name of the spice with wet chalk and proudly position my work on the shelf.

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