Saturday, 20 September 2014


Pictures taken in the former shipyard area during our trip to the newly opened Museum of Solidarity. The first one is a mural that dates back to the golden age of the shipyard back in the communist times. The remaining pictures are true enlightenment to someone who hates gardening, stubbornly refuses to burrow in dirt, makes all plants wilt yet has to do something with a couple of hundred square metres of  uncultivated land. A  

Buffett, where the pictures were taken, is a brand new discovery of ours. Located in the most industrial part of the city, hardly visited by anyone, is a perfect place for thirsty parents who won't be frowned upon because they've brought children to the pub and whose kids may run wild without the the risk of being pancaked by a car or scolded by an elderly lady. 


  1. I like the wild look I think you are going for! And lots of herbs is always very practical

    1. Herbs in crates and diverse constructions made from palettes - truly inspiring! Mine will be painted Portobello Road colours, though!


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